How to get quick support in times of need


I understand you want to jump right in but if you have 2 mins to spare I can save you a lot of frustration which you might experience along the way.

From 30 years of experience with thousands of students I can share with you that there will be a point in your journey when you will feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

That's expected and a good sign... And you might want our help when that happens.

Do not try to handle technical or motivational issues alone. Simply contact me ASAP via the SG Community or if that is not accessible via email (that's the last resort).

Only 1-Click away: The SG Community

When you are logged into your course you should see a widget in the lower right corner. At this point in time it looks like a pink monster. Click that and then click the (C) for Community et voila you are in.

If you can't find the answer to your question with a quick search there, simply post your question in the channel called INBOX letting me know that your search was unsuccessful.

If I don't respond to your request within 24 hours, remind me of it the next day. I'm never ignoring anyone consciously. I'm thrilled to help you until you reach your goals because your success is my success.