Hören Teil 01 - Walkthrough

What you need to do

In Part 1 of the Hören section, you have to listen to a number of short recordings and decide which one of the three provided answers is correct. You already have a 33% chance of getting this right by guessing without knowing even a single word of German, so make sure to always answer every exercise even if you are guessing blindly.


  • Practice without headphones. In an exam you won’t have any either and by then you’ll be used to a rather mediocre sound quality which is likely the same in your exam.
  • In an exam sit in front of the examination room or wherever you see an audio player of sorts. The sound quality and volume will be much higher in row one than on the other side of the room but during practice put the audio source as far aways from you as makes sense.
  • Don't focus. There's no need to understand everything. In fact the only thing you need to hear is the number thirteen. The whole dialogue contains 47 words so you only need to understand 1/47th of it or 2%.