This is where it all begins

In order to benefit most from this course you first need to take a reality check. That means you need to work through a sample exam even though you might have never had a single German lesson.
This can take you between 10 and 60 mins depending on how much German you already understand.
If in any way possible, do this whole test in one go.
A few more recommendations:

  • Expectations: Do not expect to understand much nor to get anything right. Just do your best to identify what needs to be done and trust your intuition when you fill in the answers. It's expected that you guess most, if not all of the answers.
  • Stay calm: It's okay to feel uneasy or frustrated when doing this. Just don't get hooked up on those emotions. You are doing important work here which justifies a bit of suffering.
  • Keep time and score: Measure the time it takes you for each part of the exam. Write that time and your scores down and share your results when I ask for it at the end of the Reality Check.
  • Complete it: Don't leave any question unanswered. Even in the writing task, feel free to use as many English words as you have to.

Do NOT use a dictionary. If you don't understand what you have to do, just guess.

Very important: Write down the current time and remember to do that again when you are done with the Reality Check section of this course. If you take a break (not recommended), remember to take note of the starting and ending times. Ideally you track the time for each part of this sample exam i.e. Hören, Lesen, Schreiben and Oral.