How to make the most out of your training

In the rest of this course I'll walk you through every part of the A1 exam and I'll explain to you how you can solve an exercise even when you don't understand much. This requires a bit of practice so don't expect any miracles. First I'll walk you through a few exercises in a 5-10mins long video. When everything is clear to you, you can then put what you have learned to practice with 30 exercises of the same kind which follow our walkthroughs.
When you do any exercise always write down the name of the exercise and the number of correct answers you had. E.g.:

Hören Teil 1 - 20 out of 30 (or simply: 20/30)

This will help you tremendously to keep track of your progress.

You need to learn vocab

And while you are working through this course you need to get your vocab up to A1. I've created a course for you that contains the most frequently used German words. That means that in this course you will come across other words that are not part of that vocab course. That is on purpose. Please do not bother with learning the vocab of this course. What sticks sticks but anything else would be a colossal waste of time. Work with your Memrise course 15-20mins a day or if you are in a rush, 30-40 mins but not more. Less is more here. Distribute your vocab work over the whole day meaning it's best to study vocab 4x10mins then 40mins in one go. Your brain will thank you for treating it properly.

Click here to get to your vocab course. The easiest way to work with it is to always click the biggest button on the app or on desktop. You should not manually pick the vocab you want to study.
The memrise app is free of charge. They will try to sell you their premium package. That is NOT NECESSARY. But if you like to support a good product, don't shy back from spending a fiver per month to support them. You'd also get an extra exercise, the audio mode, which is not necessary but a nice bonus.

Clear? Then off you go and enjoy your first walkthrough.