Lesen Teil 01 - Walkthrough

In the video above I'll walk you through the first part of the reading exercise in the Reality Check to show you how to approach this kind of exercise. The task they are testing with this exercise is simply whether you are able to find your way in daily life situations. That means you do not have to understand every word of the given texts but rather that you should be looking out for keywords that help you answer these questions.


You can pretty much always ignore the instructions because a) by the time you take the exam you will know what to do in each part and b) because they are rubbish. They tell you stuff like "read the full text or all the exercises first" which is not an intelligent way to ace any exam at least not on A1-B1 level. The texts in front of you are also often a bit beyond A1 level which would only stress you out if you tried to fully understand them.