How to work with this course

IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM NOV 22: If you use an Apple computer please use CHROME as your browser for this course as we currently have an issue with the video playback on other browsers. Videos on iPhones or iPads currently won't work but all other tools work just fine so you can start with the course. The videos are also all non-essential so you are not missing out on any important information as everything is always also explained in text form. Teachable is already working on it but it might still take a week or two.

Welcome to the SmarterGerman A1 Exam Preparation course.
In this course I will walk you through each part of an A1 sample exam Goethe/TELC style and you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned with plenty of exercises. But before we start with your exam preparation, you will have to undergo a reality check which means you'll have to work through a real A1 sample exam whether you know a single word of German or not. No worries, you'll be fine even if you completely fail this test, but it's really important that you go through this check.

Before we start a few words of...

General Advise

  • This is not a language course. You will not learn the German language with it.
  • Do not skip anything in this course. This is elementary, dear Watson.
  • Take your time to digest the information. Rushing through this course is a bad idea.
  • Only use the red "Complete and Continue" button to get to the next lecture. Do not use the left sidebar.
  • Please always take notes. The most successful learners take notes.
  • Never review your notes. Taking notes is beneficial. Reviewing them is not.
  • If you have any questions, reach out to me in the Community (see next lectures).
  • Practice what you learn in this course on other sample exams. Links at the end of this course.

All clear? Then continue to the next lecture.