Leseverstehen Teil 01

Analysis & Strategy

This part is about finding your way through daily life situations. That means you will be looking for keywords and not aim at a full understanding of the given information.

Tips and Tricks

You can ignore most of the instructions (this is actually true for the whole exam). Because it is a waste of precious time as there is a lot of redundant information in the texts and the tasks and it will only stress you out as the texts given are beyond level B1. Apply the following strategies:

  1. Skim the text for keywords that appear repetitively or belong (even roughly) to a certain category.
  2. Highlight potentially correct answers quickly.
  3. Strike through clearly those answers that you have found already so you won’t waste time looking at them again.
  4. If you have several answers with the same topic and keyword look for another keyword in the current task.
  5. If two titles are similar, most likely only one of them is going to be used in the task (watch video for details).