How to work with this course

IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM NOV 22: If you use an Apple computer please use CHROME as your browser for this course as we currently have an issue with the video playback on other browsers. Videos on iPhones or iPads currently won't work but all other tools work just fine so you can start with the course. The videos are also all non-essential so you are not missing out on any important information as everything is always also explained in text form. Teachable is already working on it but it might still take a week or two.

Getting Started

Watch this video for a quick introduction about how to prepare for your B1 exam. Then download this Zip file. It contains 5 files. These are all parts of our house made sample exam which resembles the official TELC exam and which we will use throughout this course.


Before going through this course, try to solve the exam above on your own to find out where you already are. Take all the time you need to do the sample exam. Ignore the required time frame in the exam for now. Also literally: take your time. Measure how long every tasks takes you or how much time has passed before you gave up. This is crucial for your success.

How to work with this course

  1. Take notes. The most successful learners that I have come across in the last 20 years were those who took notes.
  2. Never review your notes as that's not necessary. Taking them is what matters as you'll have to make a selection which is beneficial for your learning process. Reviewing them is a waste of time.
  3. Take your time to go through this course. There might be a lot of information for you to digest. The grass is not going to grow faster when you pull it. Your brain needs time to acquire and integrate new information.
  4. Ask questions in comments
  5. Practice what you learn with this course on sample exams. I'll provide you with download links at the end of this course.