How to work with this course

Getting Started

Watch this video for a quick introduction about how to prepare for your B1 exam. Then download our self-made sample test TELC-style attached to this lesson.

You will find 5 downloads for the TELC-like test attached to this lesson

  1. Sample-exam-smarterGerman-B1-TELC
  2. Sample-exam-smarterGerman-B1-TELC-answer-key-and-audio-transcriptions.
  3. SmarterGerman B1 TELC Hörverstehen Teil 1.
  4. SmarterGerman B1 TELC Hörverstehen Teil 2.
  5. SmarterGerman B1 TELC Hörverstehen Teil 3.

In the following lessons I will walk you through every part of this exam. Here are a few helpful tips to start with:

  • Try to solve the exam above on your own to find out where you already are. I wouldn't miss out on this precious opportunity.
  • Take your time to do the sample exam.
  • Also literally take your time. Measure how long every tasks takes you. You don't have to bother with the given time constraints in this first exam. Try to solve any task for as long as it feels sensible. But always note the time it took you in the end.

During this course

  • Please always take notes. The most successful learners that I have come across in the last 20 years were those who took notes.
  • Take your time to go through this course. There might be a lot of information for you to digest. The grass is not going to grow faster if you pull it. Your brain needs time to acquire and integrate new information.
  • If you have any questions, simply leave a comment under the current lesson.
  • Make sure to practice what you will have learned in this course on other sample exams (I'll provide you with download links at the end of this course).