Tandem Training

The Successful Language Exchange

What is Tandem Training?

Find tandem partners and learn languages together!

A great idea and a wonderful experience, which will enormously improve your language skills.

Alessio will give you insights and practical advice to bootstrap your language practice and guarantee fun and success.

15 years of personal and professional experience, learning six languages and helping thousands of people learning languages, all condensed in a single course.

This course covers all the aspects for language exchange: find a partner, schedule the meeting, decide what to do, ask questions, ask for examples, being corrected, keeping a journal, and much more.

There's also a whole section about the role of the native speaker, who can also learn to help you better.

If you never tried language exchange: You definitely should. You can start when you are still at A1, and it's still useful when you reached C1. It's never to early or too late.

If language exchange didn't work for you: This course will change it. Actually 90% of attempts at language exchange fail. This is the very reason why this course has been created: to transform language exchange in a successful experience.

Preview the first 6 (out of over 80) lessons via the curriculum below and enjoy our 30 days money back guarantee.

Your Instructor

Alessio is a polyglot who helps students and professionals to conquer and master the German language.

He learned German himself, more than a decade ago, studied in German universities and currently lives in Berlin.

As language coach he focuses on two things above all: first, to empower his students, giving them the tool to understand and control the language they are learning.

Second: to find and develop methods which aren't only effective, but also fun and enjoyable.

In his Grammar course he opens up the German language and shows you how it works and how you can own it.

It's a must for every committed student.

Alessio Bona

When does the course start / end?

It is an online course for self learners which starts when you want to start learning and it ends when you want to stop learning. You can learn whenever and wherever you want. There are no live events or meetings included.

How long do I have access to this course?

We guarantee you access to this course for 24 months. If you need more time you can purchase a subscription of 10 USD net per month after that time. That subscription is not available on its own.

Can I ask you questions when working with the course?

Yes, via the sG Community (which you will be invited to after purchasing the course).

Can I download the course?

No. You need an active internet connection.

Can I use the course on my mobile?

Yes, of course. The mobile version of the course is beautiful.

What if the course is not for me?

Then you simply write me a quick email asking for a refund. Paypal payments are usually back on your account within minutes. Credit Card payments might take up to 12 business days depending on your bank and country. Usually they are a matter of 2-3 days.

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Course Curriculum

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  2 B - How to make good use of natives
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  2 D - Boost your learning: before and after the meeting.
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days after you enroll
  2 E - Schedule and Journal
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days after you enroll
  PART 3 : For Native Speakers
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  3 D - Journal
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days after you enroll
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