About me

Traditional methods are economical for schools and tutors but not for the learner

The system most language schools have established to teach you German were necessary for institutions like the Goethe Institute, Berlitz or Inlingua to survive in a very competitive environment. That didn’t necessarily mean that it was the best solution for the learners.

  • Grammar and Instructions solely in German
  • Lists of isolated and often random vocab
  • Grammar rules & tables
  • Artificial dialogues & boring texts

Wenn das Verb zwei Objekte haben kann, dann ist das Ding, das gegeben wird, immer im Akkusativ und der Empfänger des Dings immer im Dativ.


When the verb takes two objects, then the thing that’s been given is always in the accusative while the receiver of that thing is in dative.

Learn German the natural way

In many language schools the teacher is obligated to only use German in the classroom, yet grammar explained in German rarely makes sense. It rather creates frustration and confusion. And that’s completely unnecessary.

Gain back your autonomy and enjoy the learning process and your success

I’ll put your Mind at Ease

Learn how to take advantage of the immense potential of your own mind to fully enjoy your German learning. I’ll take care of everything around your learning experience to create the best possible learning environment. All you got to do is to follow my guidance.

Enjoy your Learning Experience

Joy is our natural state whenever we learn new things. This joy has been overlaid by our past experiences and exposure to very limited strategies that we had to choose from when we were in school.

If you fully enjoy what you are doing, it doesn’t matter how much work it is.

I want you to succeed and to fully enjoy your German learning.

I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with the still common system of teaching German. My beautifully analytical and creative mind helped me develop wonderfully efficient German courses with unique and innovative learning techniques.

13 years on the job

I’ve been teaching German in several language schools before starting my own online language school

22 years as a Tutor

I officially started teaching German in 1999 and have been learning several languages seriously since 1990. I’m only fluent in English (C2) and still remember quite a bit of Polish (B1 as I haven’t used it in 20 years)

My course is easily accessible and guarantees solid results.

Behind SmarterGerman there is a small, approachable and actively engaging team.

Most of our employees are (ex-)customers who fell in love with the product, my teaching style and my business philosophy.

It’s your feedback, the development of new technology and constantly arising insights into the psychology of the language learner that help me improve my work even further. Without you, smarterGerman wouldn’t exist.