Upper-Intermediate German B2

Refine what you have already learnt and take it to the next level.

This German online course offers a variety of techniques for every learning style. My thought-through system, a crystal clear course structure and access to a community of like-minded German learners will make the German learning process easy to follow and enjoyable. Learn whenever and wherever you want in your very own pace without unnecessary competition and peace of mind.

Who is this course for?

You (want to) live or work in Germany and are motivated to improve all your German skills quickly

You’ve tried to learn German on your own with apps like Duolingo or Babbel, and reached a point where you got frustrated and (almost) gave up on it

You're a Germanophile maybe you love German cars, our engineering, outstanding soccer teams, or our renowned German cuisine (just kidding)

What you'll learn

Learn everything you need to get from from B1 to level B2 CEFR. That means you need to have already completed level B1. No B1 materials will be reviewed in this course. You'll improve all skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. All necessary materials, vocabulary, and grammar lessons are contained in this course.

Learn how to be efficient and effective in German learning so that you can spend your precious lifetime on things you enjoy the most.

50+ videos with a total runtime of ~6 hours that explain the B2 German grammar and powerful learning techniques in simple English

32 lessons that are practical, go-at-your-own pace learning

Many useful tips, tricks & strategies to make your German learning more joyful and effective.

Our Powerful Learning Tools:
Simple to use - Unforgettable effect

Great method! The best I found. Michael has so many great tips for effective learning. The grammar is explained through short videos, very easy to digest and to make sense. Great way to actually learn all the new vocabulary that comes with the B2 level.

Bruna M

I am only on the second lesson, but so far I find the Smarter German B2 to be great. I reached the C1 level at Goethe years ago, so this is a review for me. This course is much better than Goethe. I wish I had been exposed to Smarter German years ago.


This course is special in that it keeps you training and practicing over and over using authentic material and it never feels like traditional boring lessons. I'm glad I bought this course. Thanks a lot Michael for being a wonderful teacher.

Sara J

Why choose us

A Simple but Powerful Approach

No grammar tables or word lists to memorise. Those things you will learn intuitively with my approach.

Instant Feedback, Instant Answers

Access our extensive database of answers just one click away.

Smarter Grammar

I have broken down the German Grammar to bite sized pieces, explained in simple English.

Work with an effective approach

learning German is a lot of work, not play. With a clear approach, effective tools and smart language learning techniques, your work will feel very satisfying.

Experience it first hand by working through the 1st lesson yourself

First lesson takes 1-2 hours. It will provide you with the knowledge and learning tools that will save you hundreds of hours.

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German up to level B2 easily

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  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking
  • Writing

I want you to succeed with becoming fluent in German.

Think about it: if you are successful, I am successful. A happy customer brings 2 new ones. Therefore your success is my top priority. My courses are tailored to those that are not shy to work hard for their dreams and provide plenty of little success experiences on the way to make sure you reach your goals.

Benefit from (my) 20 years of insight in the field. I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with their system of teaching.

If you are serious about learning German, SmarterGerman will bring you all the way to language mastery and fluency. Enjoy proven and effective learning techniques, professional guidance to keep your motivation high and a step by step approach for utmost focus on what matters most: your learning progress.

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