B1 Exam Hacking Course

Prepare for B1 German Exam Course

Prepare for B1 German Exam Course


Make yourself familiar with the logic of the different B1 exam's so that you know 100% what is expected of you. Make best use of everything that you have learned in your German courses.

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Time pressure is the reason why many exam takers fail in their exams. With the tips and tricks from this course you'll gain precious time that will help you improve your score significantly.


Only 60% of those taking the TELC B1 exam pass it on their first try. Failing an exam can be quite costly. With this prep course you'll make sure you won't have to go through all that pain again.

With my B1 Exam Hacking Course you will learn


How to prepare efficiently for your German B1 exam so that you have a much higher chance of passing it with a good score.


How to save precious time when taking an exam so that you are more relaxed and perform better.


Many useful tips, tricks and strategies to hack your B1 exam to make use of everything you have learned so far.

For whom is this course?

This course is for anyone who is preparing for a B1 German language exam. This course focusses on the TELC and Goethe exam style but would also work for DTZ and ÖSD exams. Ideally you still got 4 week until your exam but even if you only have 1 week left, you'd benefit greatly from this course.

Improve Your Grades

Enter the exam with the confidence that you are perfectly prepared and get the best score possible.

Inhale, smile, exhale...

Reduce the time pressure to a minimum by focussing on what truly matters. You will perform significantly better and enjoy the exam a lot more.

Take your exam with a smile...

After this course, you'll understand how the B1 exams work and what is expected from you. It is less than you think. Knowing this will put you at ease.

You don't need to understand every word...

Did you know that you can pass a B1 exam with less than 1200 words? Learn to make sense of reading, writing and listening tasks quickly.

Free yourself of a giant burden...

Once you pass your B1 exam, you are free to finally learn German for the pure joy of it. Unless of course you intend to go for B2. Some people can not be helped. ^^

What you can expect in this course

An easy to follow approach to hacking any German B1 exam so that you can pass it with 60% or more.

Focus on what truly matters. Learn to cut to the chase so that you can spend your precious lifetime on more enjoyable things.

Get it over with those pesty instructions. You'll know what to do without having to read difficult to understand task descriptions.

Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. Get access to plenty of sample exams so that you can pass the real one in your sleep.

Does this really work?

Your instructor

Michael Schmitz (Your instructor and Course Creator)

I had been teaching German in several language schools and countries for over 13 years before I got frustated with the current system of teaching German. I never really questioned the system that is still used worldwide by renowned insitutions like the Goethe Institute or Berlitz and Inlingua. But once I stepped out of the system I could see clearly what went and still goes wrong and set out to fix it. This course is jut the next step in the evolution of a new era of learning languages starting with German.

What’s in the course:

This course includes a couple of sample tests in the TELC format and it will make you familiar with the most common types of exam exercises so that you'll be perfectly prepared for your next German B1 exam. You can also use this course to prepare for any other exam like the Goethe one or the DTZ or ÖSD. They all work according to the same principles. You do not need to know any details in order to hack any of them. There will also be links to sample exams of other institutions than the TELC ones. This course DOES NOT TEACH YOU ANY GERMAN. It will show you principles and ways of preparing, thinking and working through the most common German exams. You need to be at least on level A2 in order to stand a chance of hacking your B1 exam. Ideally you are on B1 level.

This course is built on the following 7 principles:

You can only learn properly and efficiently if you understand what you are dealing with. Therefore in this course you’ll find crystal clear explanations in a language you actually understand (which is everyday English).
I want you to always know where you are in your learning process and what to do next. And how much to do of what. This course is structured in a very clear and efficient manner. You can focus 100% on your German learning and forget about fiddling around with materials.
Most of you learn a language to make use of it asap and not to brag about the Akkusativ or other sexy grammar features of the German language on the next Munchkin-party of your local board game cafe. Language needs to be used and not (only) explained. Therefore this course makes you use your German again and again and again until you get it.
Life doesn’t care whether you got a German class. Online learning is the way to go. You are sick? Your children? Something else happened? No problem. Just continue where you left off and learn German whenever and wherever it suits you best.
every learner’s aim is to become more independent. This is this course’s priority. It’ll take you by the hand and will push you out of your comfortable next once you are ready to fly. Don’t worry, you’ll fly.
Try this course on your mobile device or in the free Teachable app (iOS only, Android not available any time soon) that even allows you to download the course content for offline learning.
Learning German can be quite a challenging experience. Therefore we offer you support in form of answering your questions in the comments and weekly 30mins meetups in English with Michael in which you can ask anything you have on your chest or just join for some really motivating and interesting pep-talk. Hell, we currently even correct your writing assignments within 48 hours (not on weekends though and this might change in the future but not without providing you with similarly effective tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course was created to help you with your B1 TELC & Goethe exam. While the principles and advice given in this course might be applicable to other levels, I won't promise nor claim this. Purchase this course only if you are aiming passing a German B1 TELC or Goethe exam.
Clearly no. To prepare for your oral exam I advise that you book a private tutor that focusses on the oral B1 exam and practices it with you. This course helps you to save valuable time and money by preparing you thoroughly for your exam. But it can't make you speak nor give you live feedback on your speaking skills.
You can check the intro and the first lesson of my Everyday German Course for free to see whether you understand me well. If so, you will be fine with the content of this course as well. If you struggle with English you might be a bit slower than a native English speaker though but you might still be able to work with this course. You'll also have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don't understand anything or dislike the course.
Legally I guarantee that you'll have access to this course for six months because that is what I expect this course to last without me being around in case I die. And I don't want my heirs to be haunted by my graciousness. But as a fellow human being that is pretty much desillusioned by the way capitalism influences our daily lives, I promise to do everything to keep this course alive as long as it takes you to learn German. sG is my beloved child and I also feel like the guardian of something very very precious that I want everyone to get in touch with. I intend to stay in this role until I die and will work on ways to make it surpass me but I can't legally guarantee that. So far I have been around for about 50 years (Korean counting) and sG exists since 2013. The online course is out there and stable since 09/2017. I'm healthy and still in love with my daily work. The average life expectancy for a white male in Germany of my age and wealth lies at around 72 years which leaves you at least 22 more years to learn German with my course. You can luckily also learn German with other materials. The one thing that is for certain though is that things change. Not necessarily my view on capitalism - it pretty much sucks and yet here I am benefitting from it - but the form of my course. Technology is taking giant leaps these days and I'll keep up with it, no problem there so far, but I can't guarantee that you'll have access to the very same course you are seeing in front of you today. I also wouldn't want that as change at smarterGerman means improvement for the better for the learners. So, I hereby, as a fellow human being and calm language enthusiast, promise that I'll do everything to keep this course alive so that you'll be able to finish it one day. On my funeral, please perform a random acto of kindness (RAOK) instead of sending flowers. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me any way you like.
You will be able to download the videos one by one but honestly I don't think you should nor do you need to. Having everything in one place and neatly structured is so much more efficient too.

This course is the essence of over 18 years of teaching German and learning several languages with over several thousand students and over 10000 hours of expertise. We are certain that you will find it an enjoyable and highly rewarding way of learning German and we will assist you wherever we can.

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