Beginner’s German A1

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What you'll learn

Learn everything you need to get from scratch to level A1 CEFR. I'll guide you step by step through this course and am also always just one click away when you need help. This course contains all necessary materials, vocabulary, and grammar lessons to get to A1 level. To see what A1 means check out this article of mine. SmarterGerman is the best choice for you if

  • you feel stuck with your current approach

  • you'd enjoy a crystal clear course structure

  • you want to focus on learning and not organizing materials

  • you'd love to have proper personal support

  • you want to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars

  • you want to save time by working more efficiently

I am so glad to have found smarterGerman! I’ve tried other options, but smarterGerman keeps me motivated by moving forward with the Story. It ‘sneaks in’ the learning part and just Wow. I’m finally getting somewhere!


Michael is an AMAZING teacher who not only deconstructs more complex grammar topics to digestible bits, but also makes you fall in love with this language. No seriously!


With the right commitment and hard work on your part, this course will exceed your expectations and I only wish I would have discovered it years ago as a beginner.


Why choose us

A Simple but Powerful Approach

No grammar tables or word lists to memorise. Those things you will learn intuitively with my approach.

Instant Feedback, Instant Answers

Access our extensive database of answers just one click away.

Smarter Grammar

I have broken down the German Grammar to bite sized pieces, explained in simple English.

It is fun and engaging

Forget boring textbooks. Go through a detective story specifically written for smarterGerman learners.

Experience it first hand by working through the 1st lesson yourself

First lesson takes 1-2 hours. It will provide you with the knowledge and learning tools that will save you hundreds of hours.

Start with a free lesson

My main aim is to make the German learning process easy to follow and enjoyable.

Benefit from (my) 20 years of insight in the field. I used to teach in several language schools in different countries until I got frustrated with their system of teaching.

Life is way too short not to enjoy learning German. School worked hard to take the joy out of this otherwise beautiful experience. Let’s rekindle that fire.

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How much does the course cost?

You'll see the price if you click on the button that says "See Pricing" or so. The price you pay depends on where you live, due to sales taxes (VAT/GST) and exchange rates. The final price will be shown to you before you complete the purchase.

When does the course start / end?

It is an online course for self learners which starts when you want to start learning and it ends when you want to stop learning. You can learn whenever and wherever you want. There are no live events or meetings included.

How long do I have access to this course?

We guarantee you access to your courses for a minimum of 24 months. We are not legally allowed to say lifelong anymore, as that is likely too vague from a legal perspective, but we'll keep this platform alive for as long as I'm alive plus at least the promised 24 months. I'll be around for a just long enough for you to finish your German studies. So, let me know when you are done with your German so that I can then finally go and rest in peace ;)

Does this course prepare me for the exam?

This course provides you with everything you need to reach the designated level of the course. For B1 we have a special course to prepare you for the exam.

Can I ask you questions when working with the course?

Yes, via the sG Community (which you will be invited to after purchasing the course). I’ll usually respond within 24 hours.

Do I need any additional materials?

No. This is an all inclusive German language course and all additional tools are free of charge.

Can I download the course?

No. You need an internet connection.

Can I use the course on my mobile?

Yes, of course. The mobile version of the course is beautiful and there is even an app for Android and iOS. Some features like our vocab trainer, the community widget or the dictation tool are not available in the app though.

How do I learn to speak with an online course?

I’ve created smart and simple techniques that will allow you to practice and improve your speaking skills on your own. You will find them already in Lesson 01.

How long until I reach A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1?

That depends on you. You can safely assume that it takes the same time as in any standard language school. If studying 4.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, A1, A2 and B1 each take 2 months, B2 and C1 take 3 months.

But you don’t have to stress yourself as you can take all the time you need. And you might even be a lot faster than that. How long such things take depends on many factors above all the time you put into this and your capability to learn languages which is again influenced by many many factors.

Here’s a simple technique to calculate how long this course might take you if things go smoothly: You can measure the time it takes you to finish Lesson 01 and multiply it by the total number of remaining lessons (around 49). Divide that by the number of hours you have available per week and you got a number you can work with and adjust when needed.

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