A model for
mastering German

I don’t just teach German, I give you a learning model -- the smarterGerman Cycle -- that works for all levels and for any material. It grows with you, and can be used long after you reach B1 level.

sG makes German Grammar simple

I broke down the German language in a logical way that is simple and makes sense. You will understand everything.

The power of a tutor, for a fraction of the cost

smarterGerman was originally developed for private clients, but now I want everyone to have access to my course. So, I built a digital version that everyone can afford.

We teach the best way, not the old way.

After a decade of teaching the ‘traditional’ way, I grew frustrated with its weaknesses. I improved on the old learning model, and developed an approach that works faster, and better and is more rewarding for the German learner.

Learn at your pace,
on your schedule,
at home or
on the go.

This course contains a variety of wonderfully efficient methods and techniques, In this course you will...

Organize your German learning with the sG Cycle. Cycle. The class structure is easy to follow and easy to adapt to your schedule.

Enjoy learning grammar with Margareth’s fantastic German learning songs. These songs cement the concepts in your mind, and they are quite fun, too.

Grasp the whole language. sG Cycle covers every aspect of language learning -- reading, writing, grammar, listening and pronunciation. For speaking, we provide guidance on how to setup one-on-one conversation training.

and much more.