Get 4 courses at a huge discount and succeed at learning German

This bundle contains four of my most popular courses and has a value of USD 878 (ex VAT).

I offer this ULTIMATE SUCCESS BUNDLE B1 for a limited time for USD 529 ex VAT, which is 40% discount!! With this bundle you are fully supported. You will learn as if you are learning with a private tutor, only better.

You can learn at your own pace, your homework assignments will get corrected, you will be prepared for your B1 Exam and you will learn how to get the right mind set to become successful at learning German.

This is learning at it's best!

This course is closed for enrollment.

This Ultimate Success Bundle B1

This bundle contains the 4 popular courses you can see below.

1. Everyday German Course
2. A1-B1 Correction Service
3. B1 Exam Hacking Course
4. Infinite Motivation Training
Together they have a value of USD 878 (ex VAT). You can also choose to buy each course individually.
If you choose for the ULTIMATE SUCCESS BUNDLE B1 you will get 4 courses for the price of USD 529 ex VAT,
which is 40% discount!!

Plus there is more

Access to a Private Community

Access to our private online community of fellow learners.

An active group who supports each others' journey.

Here you can post any question, challenge or celebration you want to share.

And you will find answers to 99% of the questions you have. I will answer the remaining 1%, unless one of your fellow learners beats me to it ;)

Only available to customers

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Every week on Wednesdays at 18:00 CEST there is a live Q&A session with Michael. You can ask him any question you want.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Why choose smarterGerman?

We really care

smarterGerman is not an institution. It is a small company with a small team of real people who care about your experience and your success. We all love working for you and we all love the courses. Some members of our team are even (ex-)students of smarterGerman. 

It feels like you are working with a private tutor

Before I created my courses, I worked with lots of private customers and I developed a learning method for them which works. That proven method I have transmitted to my online courses. Many students comment that it feels like they are working with a private tutor. And that for only a fraction of the price! And you can work with me at any time that is convenient for you, even if you prefer learning in the middle of the night or at the rise of day.

We’ve got you!

If you sign up for the courses, you will be invited to our active online Community. 99% of your questions will already have been answered there and in case you found the missing 1%, share your questions there and I’ll respond, if your fellow students do not beat me to it :).


A lot of language schools make you learn grammar and vocabulary out of context and provide you with rather unexciting texts. The problem is that our brain loves context and relevant information which is why I built my lessons in the Everyday German Course around a compelling detective story which provides both: context and relevance.

Crystal Clear

My courses is based on a well thought-through system which is 

a crystal clear course structure. This makes the German learning process very easy to follow and enjoyable. You will work with scientifically proven and effective techniques, compelling material (like the detective story, short and crispy grammar videos, music videos and much more). All explanations are in crystal clear and simple English. You don’t have to be a native English speaker to understand them. 

And last but not least, everything can be found in one place, no need to structure your learning yourself or to try to organize everything painfully. That is all already done for you by us. It is even better than working with a private tutor as I have yet to hear about a tutor that does that for you in a comprehensive and consistent manner. If at all, some private tutors might provide you with many materials that they randomly put together. You then have to organize all of that yourself first and if you are not quite the organizer by nature, it’ll be a pain to find old materials quickly when needed.  


I understand that motivation is one of the biggest challenges in learning a language. In order to learn a language you need to learn properly and consistently. Since I’m 18 years old (~1990), I’ve had a profound interest in how our mind works and how we learn the best way. All the knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered on these topics over the last 30 years is deeply woven into my courses.

On top of that the Infinite Motivation Course will help you develop a mindset with which you will eliminate your mental blockages and start achieving your goals without any resistance. 

I want you to succeed

We all really want you to succeed. Most of the revenue that I make with smarterGerman, directly flows back into the company to improve the product (next to paying taxes so that the German Autobahn remains the no 1 highway in the world). I always listen closely to your feedback as you know best what works for you and what doesn’t.

I created this bundle, as it contains all the elements to become successful in learning German. If you are really serious about learning German and you really want to succeed this bundle will give you all the tools you will need.