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Master the B2 level with love and joy

I'm happy to share with you that there's a lot to enjoy for you in this 8 part course:

  • Enjoy 33 lessons with texts about the German culture other courses don't dare to touch
  • Get to know more learning techniques to deal with irregular verbs, reflexive verbs, verbs with prepositions
  • Improve your speaking skills with free and simple to use tools and techniques
  • Get access to our fast growing community where you can also quickly find the answer to most of your questions
  • Get access to our archive of exercises (Coming in August 2020)

"Great method! The best I found. Michael has so many great tips for effective learning. The grammar is explained through short videos, very easy to digest and to make sense. Great way to actually learn all the new vocabulary that comes with the B2 level. I also had to contact Michael a couple of times and he always answered promptly, very nice and gave me great tips, including books to continue on to the C1 level and a tutor I could work with which was amazing. I passed my C1 exam, and I am very grateful for the strong foundation I acquired in this course. I only wish there would have been a C1-level of it! I would have definitely taken it!"

- Bruna, Brazil

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After purchasing this course you'll get a 30-days money-back guarantee. A simple email within this timeframe suffices. No questions asked. I'm happy to say that only very few learners have made use of this in the past 3 years.

As a little reminder (Please read before purchasing anything) our FAQ. If you have any questions after reading those, just contact us and we'll get back to you in about 8-10 weeks time (It's always good to keep expectations low). This course is also suitable for those who lack any trace of humor. After all it's a German course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as you are a faithful and dedicated German learner you'll still have the possibility to get 25% off. Please contact me in case you haven't found your coupon that I've put near the end of the A1-B1 course yet. Offers can not be combined so you'll only always get the highest discount available to you. Only if you have purchased my Everyday German course before you are eligible to this discount. Please don't ask whether you can get this discount without having purchased this course. Search the internet for special offers. Making a little effort is always a good virtue and will be rewarded.
We would never want you to be unhappy! Which is why you can preview the first lesson which will give you a sound impression of the look and feel of the course so that you can try everything out in your own time before having to purchase anything. And even after your purchase you'll have a 30-day money back guarantee because we trust you and we trust our work. Make sure to thoroughly test everything and feel free to send us any question that you have in regard of this course before you purchase or before you request a refund. In most cases we can help you quickly and easily to get on board.
Yes, that's the great thing about this platform. BUT PLEASE make sure that your payments are on time as if you fail to pay on time, you'll lose access to your account and therefore your progress. >>>>>> There is no way to reactivate your account once you are unenrolled! You'd have to purchase it again! <<<<<< Once you have paid off the course you'll have constant access to this course. And please notice that this is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION!!! You CAN NOT CANCEL it after your 30-day money back period.
The course starts now and ends with your death or mine or the internet's! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. It's a course for adults. I believe in you.
If you can understand this page well, you will be fine with the content of the course. If you struggle with English you might be a bit slower than a native English speaker though but you can still work with this course.
Yes, you'll have to buy the whole course but will find that there are many many things that nobody has taught you yet. You'll learn a wonderfully efficient self-learning structure that you can apply outside of this course for the rest of your (learning) days. You'll also learn many smart but simple learning techniques that will benefit you even on higher levels. And you'll be able to fill your B2 gaps without having to start from scratch. You can always skip things that are already clear to you and will also find a growing community of smart and interesting German learners here that you can exchange your thoughts and concerns with.
Legally I guarantee that you'll have access to this course for six months because that is what I expect this course to last without me being around in case I die. And I don't want my heirs to be haunted by my graciousness. But as a fellow human being that is pretty much desillusioned by the way capitalism influences our daily lives, I promise to do everything to keep this course alive as long as it takes you to learn German. sG is my beloved child and I also feel like the guardian of something very very precious that I want everyone to get in touch with. I intend to stay in this role until I die and will work on ways to make it surpass me but I can't legally guarantee that. So far I have been around for about 50 years (Korean counting) and sG exists since 2013. The online course is out there and stable since 09/2017. I'm healthy and still in love with my daily work. The average life expectancy for a white male in Germany of my age and wealth lies at around 72 years which leaves you at least 22 more years to learn German with my course. You can luckily also learn German with other materials. The one thing that is for certain though is that things change. Not necessarily my view on capitalism - it pretty much sucks and yet here I am benefitting from it - but the form of my course. Technology is taking giant leaps these days and I'll keep up with it, no problem there so far, but I can't guarantee that you'll have access to the very same course you are seeing in front of you today. I also wouldn't want that as change at smarterGerman means improvement for the better for the learners. So, I hereby, as a fellow human being and calm language enthusiast, promise that I'll do everything to keep this course alive so that you'll be able to finish it one day. On my funeral, please perform a random acto of kindness (RAOK) instead of sending flowers. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me any way you like.
At this point in time no. Compared to our competitors and considering the amount and quality of its content, this course is already extremely reasonably priced. You'll get more out of it than you invest. That's our promise.
While you'll reach level B2 with this course, passing a German B2 exam requires additional preparation which this course can only prepare you for to a certain extent. On this level you'd need extra training with a living being for the oral exam. All other skills should be fine when you have worked through this course yet I strongly recommend that you work through as many sample exams that you can get your hands on. Those are freely available with a simple internet search. Also check Youtube for German B2 oral exam samples.
If you study 3 hours per day with this course you are likely to reach level B2 CEFR within 3 months or less. As learning is a highly individual task it might take a bit more or a bit less time. If you invest less time daily, you will most likely need a bit longer. You'll soon understand that it doesn't really matter how long it takes you to get to some fictive level as long as the quality of your German and your learning experience is high. Will I be fluent in German after this course? You can reach a certain B2 fluency. You will also very likely need someone to practice speaking with if speaking is your aim. I’ll provide you with tips on how to find opportunities for speaking throughout the course and in my weekly Q&A sessions.
This course only covers the level B2 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and can easily replace any course in a physical language school. If you lack the basics or feel that your B1 is rather weak, I strongly recommend that you take a look at my A1-B1 German course first. You can preview the intro and first lesson for free and also get a 30 day money back guarantee after purchasing it.
No and you don't need to anyhow. Individual audio and videos will be downloadable but rather for the sake of the teachable iOS app. I do not recommend working with downloads as they'll force you to leave the healthy and helpful learning structure of this course. It would be the same as getting a Lamborghini and pushing it instead of driving it.
No. Such a certificate would be worthless as no one would nor should recognize it as proof of anything. How do I as a future employer e.g. know what quality your German learning was? Was it really you who did the course? How long did it take you to finish the course? All these things would basically be based upon your trustworthiness. Such a certificate would not add anything to this. Officially acknowledged certificates are offered by the Goethe Institut (called Max Mueller in India), any school with a TELC certification or institutions that offer the ÖSD - Austrian language diploma. There is also Bulats but that's very limited as well. If I was an employer and needed to rely on your language skills I'd have a personal chat with you and check your skills in person or even in a trial day at work. So there will not be a fake certificate in our courses. By the way, the certificates Duolingo offers are also not worth the paper they are printed on for the very same reasons.

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