A few words from Michael the creator of smarterGerman

With this class you will learn

  • to identify the gender of a German noun by looking at its ending
  • how to memorize and intuitively remember the gender of any German noun efficiently
  • how to memorize the articles of all cases with a wonderful learning song

For whom is this Course?

Did your teacher tell you that the articles make no sense and that you have to "just" learn them by heart but "forgot" to tell you HOW to do that efficiently and enjoyably?

Or have you discovered on your own that the German genders are a giant pain in the neck? Don't despair. This course will make you smile again. It is completely for free because we want you to see how beautifully simple learning German can be if you work with the right approach. One of the best approaches is of course the smarterGerman approach.

Why isn't Everything about German this Simple?

You won't believe it, it actually is all pretty doable.

If you like what you see here you will love our full course, the Everyday German Online Course. That's our master piece and you'll find much more information about it on the course-page itself.

Now, enrol and finally master the German articles. They are actually quite a joy to deal with. But don't trust my words, trust your experience.

Auf geht's. Viel Vergnügen.
Michael & Margareth

"Awesome way to memorise the (article) table"

- Kamalkant J.

"The song really works well !! Brilliant method!"

- Kyung-A L.

"it worked perfectly, as never before :)"

- Micha


Frequently Asked Questions

My English is not so good. Will this course work for me?
If you can understand this page well, you will be fine with the content of the course. If you struggle with English you might be a bit slower than a native English speaker though but you can still work with this course.
I'm already B1 / B2 level. Will I still benefit from this course?
Yes, certainly. The German genders are a major pain in the neck no matter how far you already got with your German. If you feel that genders are a piece of cake you might still like to take a look at this course as it is a wonderful way of learning which you might be able to apply onto other kinds of knowledge.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as smarterGerman and the platform that hosts this course exist, you'll have access to your materials. We'll do anything to make this a couple of decades. By then you should be "done" with your German learning.
Can I download the materials?
You will be able to download the videos but honestly I don't think you need to. This course guides you quite quickly through the topic of how to master the German articles that you can do this on one weekend.

Get started now!