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How to use the smarterGerman echo skill for your German speaking practice

What this course is all about

I want you to experience an extremely encouraging way to learn German on your own. Get to know the powerful learning technique called Preaching that will help you improve your German speaking skills and memorize grammar in a way that you can use it intuitively in a conversation with a native speaker. Learning to speak German has never been easier and never so self-empowering.

Note that this is a teaser course providing you with the full Preaching technique and a preview of the first ten grammar lessons of my flagship German online course. It is not a complete German course and only here to demonstrate the power of proper instruction which should always aim at the learner's autonomy. If you want to experience this power fully, take a look at my Everyday German online course (A1-B1). You can even preview the entire first lesson there.

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