Ultimate Bundle

The goal is the path. Some of us just know where they want to go or need to get to. If this is you, this is your bundle.

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This Bundle consists of three courses: our A1, A2, B1, B2 and our C1 course. They include everything you need to learn the basics of German from scratch (start of A1) all the way to level C1 (Advanced level).

My courses offer a variety of techniques for every learning style. Enjoy a thought-through study system, a crystal clear course structure and access to a community of like-minded German learners will make the German learning process easy to follow and enjoyable. Learn whenever and wherever you want at your very own pace without unnecessary competition and peace of mind.

What’s included in the bundle

Our Beginner’s German A1 Online Course
Our Elementary German A2 Online Course
Our Intermediate German B1 Online Course
Our Upper-Intermediate German B2 Online Course
Our Advanced German C1 Online Course

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