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01 | You need to have purchased my Everyday German Course (A1-B1) and be up to date with your payments to be eligible to purchase this service. If you haven't purchased it, you will simply be unenrolled from it. It will take 2 weeks until you see your money back. That's simply an automated process and not a punishment.

02 | This course grants you access to smarterGerman's correction service. This service is limited to corrections of texts that are part of the course mentioned in point 01. In particular that's the writing (Lesson 13 onwards) and the Secretary exercises (Lesson 27 onwards). No other texts are being corrected.

03 | We will correct your texts within reason. That means one text per exercise (writing and Secretary) per lesson with a few interactions until your text is corrected to a sufficient extent. We will only correct one writing and one secretary assignment per day max. as that fits the needs of 99% of all course participants over the last 3 years and fits the max. speed one should go through this course anyhow. If you are faster, talk to me in the sG Community and I'll suggest alternative tasks to you.

04 | All texts are limited to max. 120 words and only when it makes sense, meaning if you are in lesson 13 and you are instructed to write max. 30-40 words, simply don't write more than that. We'll point out 7-9 mistakes at most as you won't be able to remember more mistakes than that long term anyhow.

05 | You will receive corrections roughly within 24 hours, except on weekends. We simply won't work on weekends. Well, I will but not on corrections.

06 | B2 correction service is also available, it is more expensive then the A1-B1 service due to the higher complexity and greater length.

06 | Now please (please means this is not a request but a must) read the FAQ as that will save us both a lot of time and make sure you know what you are signing up for. I can smell like a Deutscher Schäferhund whether you have read the FAQ or not. ^^

Frequently Asked Questions

The course/service starts whenever you purchase access to it and ends after 1 year.
You can only purchase 12 months of access. You will only be charged once. The package won't (!!!) renew automatically. If you finish your course before the 12 months are over, fine. We won't correct any more texts as corrections are limited to course assignments. The 12 months are just there to keep an eye on the member numbers. The fee is calculated by the total number of texts that we have to correct. Currently the service is cheaper than it should be. I might make it a bit more expensive soon as I forgot to calculate the reviews in but for now let's see how things go. If you want to prolong your access you can simply re-purchase the desired package or if you have good reasons as to why you didn't take advantage of this service full yet, just write me a nice email.
While our corrections provide great value beyond the amount of money you need to take into your hands to pay for this service, if you have the slightest doubt whether you should purchase this service, simply try it for 3 texts. I'll happily refund you your money if you realize that it doesn't work for you. If you have us correct more than 3 texts, I'll still refund you your money but there are consequences described further below. In general, the self-correcting strategies and tools I suggest (e.g. mentor.duden.com) in my course will do the job for B1 if you are a bit self-aware and autonomous. Every correction you get here is using up precious life time and also money I pay for those that do the corrections or invest my life time to do them myself. I will not earn a single cent with this service. It is basically non-profit. All revenue will be invested in the correctors. You have a 30 day money back guarantee in principle but if you have us correct more than 3 texts and then ask for your money back, I will have to comply but you won't be able to purchase this service again at any point in the future. I might also decide not to sell any futher products of mine to you if it becomes clear that you abused this service (writing more than 3 texts and no really good reason for cancelling it). There will also a very tangible decrease in Karma points. You will be reborn as a German teacher that can only find work on iTalki. After 30 days there is no way to ask for your money back, no matter how valid your reasons are.
Yes. You need to have purchased my Everyday German Online course A1-B1 and you need to be up to date with your payments there if you chose a payment plan. If you lose access to that course you also lose access to this course no matter whether you have paid this course. The price for this service is so low because I only offer it for highly motivated and paying sG learners. If you are not paying for the main course you are not eligible to use this course no matter how much money you put on the table. And you also need to be in lesson 13 of my main course as that is when the writing exercises start. It doesn't make sense to subscribe to this service before you reach lesson 13.
We will correct one text per writing assignment (starts lesson 13) and one text per Secretary Technique (starts lesson 27) of your Everyday German Course until it is sufficiently corrected. You can write about any topic you want but we won't correct texts written in a writing marathon. The keyword here is "within reasonable amount". If you write more than the above amount of texts and just want to share those texts with someone, you can do so in the comments of the Everyday German course. We won't correct any texts there anymore though.

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