B2 | EDIT VIDEO: How to make the most out of this Course

Welcome to the German Mastery Online Course which will bring your German to level B2 CEFR. You are about to continue an exciting journey. My name is Michael and I'll be your companion throughout this course either in form of instructing you per video, answering to your comments or in my weekly Q&A sessions to which you are cordially invited.

Let's Meet

You can find all current dates and times and access to the above mentioned Q&A sessions via this link here. They are group meetings. If you can't make it, you won't have to inform me. You just come and go whenever it suits you. You also don't have to ask any questions but could also just listen to what other learners are sharing or to whatever I will share in case there are no questions. The Q&A sessions will be held in English as their purpose is to help you with insecurities and motivation which can't be done if you don't understand what I'm saying to you. And if your German was already good enough to easily follow me in German, you wouldn't need this course in the first place.

Join Forces - Stay Informed

Please register for my free forum here to stay up to date as at times, I have to cancel a Q&A and I wouldn't want you to be disappointed when you show up and no Michael's there. The new forum is also a wonderful place to get to know other highly motivated German learners and to build learning or conversation groups there. And it is free of charge.

STRONG RECOMMENDATION: How to make Things Stick

Last but not least before you dive right into learning German I strongly recommend that you read the first chapter of the book "Make it Stick" by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III. and Mark A. McDaniel. You can do by simply going here: Read part of the first chapter for free and then click on the cover of the book where it says "Look inside" and go to chapter one. It is called: "Learning is Misunderstood".

The whole book summarizes my 20 years of research and experience in the field of learning how to learn (languages). There's no need to purchase that book or to even read it. But the first chapter is such a powerful inspiration and will give you a deep understanding about how this course works under the hood, that I wish from the heart that you read it before you start your journey into the lovely German language.

What to do in case you Struggle

As you are at the very beginning, only a few more words on the initial experience you might go through:
1 | Don't worry at all about what you might miss but rather focus on what you understand already. All will fall into place eventually.
2 | If you have any question, quickly skim the comments under the current lecture and if you can't find an answer already, first write it in your questions-notebook which you should browse once per week just to see how many questions have already answered themselves. If something is really, really burning under your nails, simply write a comment. I usually get back to you within 48 hours.
3 | If you need a grain of motivation, want to meet me in person or have a question that you'd like to ask me face to face, just join my Q&A (see link and times above).
4 | If you struggle with anything and feel frustrated, drop everything for a minute, literally take a few deep breaths and try again. If that doesn't help, simply write me a lovely email with your concerns and struggles. Ideally you share your issues via the comments as then my answer will benefit thousands of learners instead of just one. But if it is too intimate, feel free to write me an email. I won't be available by phone.
5 | Try the course for 3-4 weeks and let me help you where I can. If nothing helps and you still feel this course is not for you, just let me know with a short email and I'll refund you your course fee asap. It might take up to 12 business days until you get your money back but usually it goes pretty fast.