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  OPTIONAL: Preaching with Alexa

7 simple steps to boost your speaking skills instantly


A | If you can find the Amazon Alexa app in your app store, you only need your smartphone and the free Alexa app (links below). There's no need to buy any other device from Amazon then.

B | The sG Preaching skill is currently only available in all major EN-Amazon stores (India, Australia, UK, USA, Canada) as well in the German one. We are working on making it available for all 89 countries to which Amazon ships its Echo devices (>>> see this article for more information <<<) but you might have to get your hands on such a device if the app is not available in your country. The article describes how. You only need an Amazon Echo Dot which is the cheapest of them all.

C | If neither the app nor the device are available, try It's a bit sluggish but much better than nothing. Feel free to share you experience with me so that I can optimize this tool.


0 | Download the "Amazon Alexa" App for free in your app store. It looks like this:

- iOS:

- Android:

1 | Make sure to enable (!) the sG skill by logging in here and by clicking ENABLE.

2 | Change your device language to German.

3 | Start the skill by saying: "Alexa, starte smarter German." (The word "Alexa" might not be necessary if you are using the app instead of an Echo device)

4 | Click "Complete and Continue" here to get to lesson 1.1.

5 | Work through the lesson and take notes! Some things that I say in the videos might not apply to you IF you work with an Amazon Echo device. If you are in doubt, simply ask me via the comments.

6 | At the end of each lesson start your Echo by saying loud, slowly and clearly: "Alexa, [short pause until she reacts] starte smarterGerman." and Alexa will guide you from there onwards.

7 | Initially, Alexa will welcome you in DE and EN language and start with lesson 1, which should be showing on your computer/mobile device's screen right now.

8 | Listen closely to the sample preaching and when it is your turn, repeat the shown pattern with help of the triggers.

9 | You won't really have to read anything in the lessons of this course after a couple of preachings but it is a good control measure in case your attention slips or you lose track.

10 | Play around with the commands below. Don't worry about losing track of where you were in the program. You can always go back to the very beginning of the lesson that you left from by saying: "Alexa, gehe zu Lektion 7."

Try out these commands

Here are some things you can ask Alexa to help you with your Preaching. You can hear me saying them out loud in the promo video at the bottom. You might have watched it already but if you watch it again with this task in mind it will be worth watching it again. If you listen carefully to my commands you can learn the proper pronunciation quickly, I'm sure. "Unfortunately", Alexa for now only understands German commands. But don't despair. You can do this:

  • noch einmal - once again || Repeats the trigger word or the last sentence
  • Hilfe - help || Tells you a sample sentence that fulfills the preaching
  • überspringen - skip || In case of a dialog preaching, will skip your part of the dialog, otherwise will move to the next trigger
  • Nächster Trigger - next trigger || Skips trigger, move to the next one
  • Gehe zu Lektion 7 / Öffne Lektion 7 - go to lesson 7 / open lesson 7 || Starts lesson 7 (or any other) from the beginning

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