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  Step 03: Grammar Training

Using Grammar to Relax

What you need to know

The grammar lessons in this course make a lovely “Pausenfüller”. They shouldn't take you longer than 15-20 minutes. All instructions are in English to make sure that you’ll understand everything clearly. While you will find plenty of exercises in this course, at times you might find yourself in the mood to practice your German grammar even more. In this case take a look at the → online exercises of the Schubert-Verlag.

Let's get started with the most famous of grammar-topics: the German articles in the next lesson.

Rationale behind this Step

Grammar is a lovely time-saving tool. It helps you make use of recurring patterns in German. Instead of having to learn the plural of 3,000 German nouns, you can learn just two simple patterns once and you’ll have covered 2,400 of them. It will take you only one minute to learn the rule which you then can make use of for a lifetime.

There’s no need to learn fancy grammatical terms or to be afraid of them. You might not have to deal with more than 10 new words and I am certain that you can manage those. The grammar lessons of this course will also distract you a bit from the text of "Die Tote Frau" that you will have read in the first two steps so that the new vocabulary can sink in a while before you continue to work with it.

Just watching videos or reading through the explanations won’t be enough though. While you might understand certain aspects of the covered topic, it is by reviewing the matter that you make it stick. You could watch or read any explanation a hundred times and still might not be able to apply that information. I strongly recommend that you work your way through a number of related exercises.