Step 02-A: Dictation - Introduction

Write a Dictation

What you need to know

Dictation is a very powerful learning tool that trains almost all skills you need for German learning: listening, reading, writing, grammar, and making assumptions about what is being said.

In every Dictation you will listen to an audio recording, pause the audio after a few words and then write down what you have just heard. You will need either a pen and sheet of paper OR you can type it into your favorite word processor.

You can choose the slow or normal (labelled: fast) speed of the audio. My recommendation is to try the normal speed version first. Only if you really struggle, try and see whether that makes a difference.

If you are working with the slow version, check in every now and then to see whether you can switch to the faster version.

Click COMPLETE&CONTINUE for one last and quick reminder and then continue to write your first dictation. I'll guide you through it step by step.