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  Step 01: Introduction to Reading & Learning Vocabulary

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Learn Vocabulary & Reading

Please make sure to ONLY WORK WITH MY COURSE (<<< click there) on Memrise. Do not work with any other course as you'd be wasting your time and work against this course! To find this course in their mobile app open this link on your mobile phone.

[Sorry for shouting it out loud but I need you to hear this clearly.]

While my vocabulary course on Memrise provides you with words for all the texts of this course, you can start reading those texts in German right away due to this course's smart design.

The video above will give you a general (!) introduction on how to read any text efficiently. Not all advice in there is applicable to this course. E.g. highlighting unknown words digitally is rather painful so you can skip that step.

Whenever I speak of a book in my videos I usually mean the lesson texts that you will find in every single lesson of this course.

Don't worry if all the instructions seem a bit overwhelming. I will repeat that which is important and guide you through the whole process step by step. Everything will soon be very intuitive for you.

The course "book"

There is no book like you think there is. Every lesson of this course contains one chapter of an easy to read criminal story called "Die Tote Frau im Garten". That story is spread over 54 short chapters which you will get to know one by one with every new lesson.

Every lesson comes with audio for the lesson-text and the option to play at normal or slow speed. Every time you go through the sG Cycle, you will cover one chapter (so you will repeat the sG Cycle at least 54 times to complete this course).

How to read efficiently

This lesson just provides you with an overview. You don't have to remember or memorize anything you read here. In two steps from now you'll be working on an actual text with audio.

1 | Browse through the text and do not try too hard to understand what you are reading; just look for familiar words and get a first superficial impression of the text in front of you.

Do not look up any words yet. It will only break your workflow and make your reading far more frustrating than necessary.You will get a chance to learn the meanings of these words.

2 | Next read the interlinear version of the lesson text. With help of the literal English translation which is written below the original German text, you should be able to make more sense of it. Now, if you still want to use a dictionary, you can look up no more than 5 words per lesson, so choose carefully! You do not need to understand every word of every text. At this stage it is all about making some sense from what meets your eye (and ear).

3 | Read the German text again. This time without the help of any translation and try to remember the meaning of what you read in German. You are very likely to remember the meaning by line due to the interlinear translation. That is totally fine. Location is a strong mnemonic.

4 | Finally read the text again, but this time listen to the audio that came with your text while you read along with the text. Pause the audio as often as you like to give your brain a chance to process the new information.

5 | Repeat these steps once or twice as you like until you feel you got a rough (!) understanding of the text. You'll work more with this text and it will become clearer and clearer as you proceed. Reading even repeatedly is a very weak form of learning. Yet you need to read in order to expose yourself to new words and structures.

I'll guide you step by step through your first practical reading in a few steps from now. First let me explain to you why this approach is the most efficient approach to reading and learning vocabulary in the next lecture.

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