How to learn Vocab quickly

In little bits and pieces

The best way to learn Vocabulary

I strongly advise against using any vocabulary training app on its own. Although vocabulary apps use technology to help you learn words faster, they do so in a very mechanical, isolated way. When your brain learns words this way, it struggles to recall the exact word in real-life situations, leaving you frozen in a real conversation as you search for the right word. Therefore, many German learners waste a lot of time with vocabulary apps. In the first lecture of each lesson, I always introduce vocabulary in a natural context by embedding the vocabulary within a text.


Please ONLY WORK WITH MY COURSE (<<< click there) and the free language learning app, Memrise. Do not work with any other course or app as you'd be wasting your time and work against your brain! To find this course in their mobile app open the link above on your mobile phone. DO NOT purchase their Premium version. It adds zero (!) value to the free version when working with this course.

Please, don't work longer than 60mins per day on your vocabulary.

Less is more.One can become easily addicted to learning vocabulary with an app, but this only spins wheels. You can fill gaps throughout your day with Memrise, for instance while you are on the bus or waiting for water to boil or even while brushing your teeth or having sex. There's no need to try to finish e.g. chapter one on memrise before reading chapter one in this course. That would take far too long. Just live with the fact that you will always be a bit behind with the vocab on memrise. It still makes a very efficient vocabulary training.

Sprint regularly

There will be times in which you fall behind with your vocab training. That's perfectly normal and no need for worries. If you feel your vocab needs a little push, simply do a sprint. You can do so once per week, if you must, twice.
A sprint simply means that you invest significant more time in your work with Memrise. Instead of working on it for 60mins over the day, work on it 120mins. Work in instalments please. WARNING: Working 120mins in one piece on your vocab is simply a colossal waste of lifetime.

How to Work Efficiently with Memrise

Create an account on Memrise and then try to figure out the following points to become familiar with all its lovely features:

1 | How do you ignore a word that you already know by heart (desktop version only)?
2 | How do you download a course (mobile only, premium version only)?
3 | How do you change the amount of vocabulary that is being learned or reviewed? (check the settings in your profile on the desktop version)
4 | How do you create your own mem ❸ (desktop only)? <-- optional
5 | How do you enter the German umlauts (ä / ö / ü), and the ß?


mems are word associations. I explain this technique in detail in my German grammar course but Memrise also guides you through the mem-creation process.

Share your Thoughts

How have you been learning vocab so far? Share you approach any your experiences with that approach with us in the comments.