Step 02-J: Dictation - Third round - How well did you do?


Only compare your writing with the original text below and
just highlight all mistakes.
Do not correct anything.
That is unnecessary as you will write this text again.

Compare your writing with the following text word per word

Kapitel 01 - Ein schrecklicher Fund

Die Sonne scheint.
Es ist ein schöner Tag.
Wie jeden Montag kommt der Gärtner Klaus Blumfeld
zu dem großen, alten Haus am Ende der Stadt.
Zwar wohnt hier seit Jahren kein Mensch mehr.
Aber Blumfelds Job ist es,
den Garten zu machen und Dinge zu reparieren.
Das alte Haus soll in Ordnung bleiben.
Es ist eine eigene, kleine Welt ohne Menschen.
Der Gärtner mag es, hier zu sein.
Dann ist er ein Teil dieser kleinen Welt.
Bevor Blumfeld in den Garten geht,
sieht er immer erst in dem Haus nach,
ob es etwas zu tun gibt.
Er geht zur Tür und gefriert zu Eis:
Eine alte Frau liegt im Flur. Tot.
In einem Ring aus Dreck und Matsch.

How did you do?

How many mistakes did you make this time? Did you feel different during this 3rd round of this exercise? Share it with us in the comments. Don't worry if things still didn't go as you'd wished. You'll be writing the same few sentences one more time in the review section later in this course.

Congratulations/Glückwunsch - How do you feel?

You've worked your way through the dictation technique introduction. Initially a dictation can feel pretty overwhelming and frustrating as it is confronting you with your inability to comprehend the language you'd love to already speak fluently. But you know of course that nothing worth having comes easy, at least when it comes to learning a new language. Make a decision every morning to continue with this course and to do your homework and you'll one day wake up and feel a longing for learning German. The dictations will become easier not because the language gets easier but because you'll have become a lot better at it. Remember: Übung macht den Meister - Practice makes perfect

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