Step 02-B: Dictation - Filling the gaps

Didn't get everything?

No worries. Many learners initially struggle with this tool. If you stick to my guidance you'll soon fall in love with Dictations as you'll experience their immense power yourself. You always want to check your work after completion. Therefore listen to the same piece of audio one (!) more time and fill in as many gaps as possible and correct any mistake that you recognize.

After this step you won't be allowed to correct anything anymore.

Don't worry if even after the 2nd listening you don't fill (m)any of the gaps from your first writing. Just accept the fact that your work is not perfect (yet). You'll soon see the fruits of this exercise. Just stick with it for a while.

Listen one more time and fill in the gaps

Slow version

Fast version

How did it go?

How many gaps/mistakes did you manage to fill in/correct during your 2nd listening?

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