How to get human support in times of hardship

Meet Michael (Q&A)

I'm offering more or less weekly meetups of 30-40mins via Zoom (a better Skype). These are so called Q&A's (Question & Answers). In those Q&A's I'll answer your questions in person and often share my thoughts and insights on the language learning process. Many learners find these sessions highly motivating. So if you feel like you could need a little boost, why don't you drop in one day and see what it can give you.

Click here to watch a random example of an older Q&A to give you an impression of the format. Each Q&A is slightly different as it depends on the amount and type of questions and the topic that I share about.

How do I Join?

The Q&A usually take place on Wednesdays, 7pm CE(S)T. I'm aware that there are people living in time zones that do not really allow them to take part in the Q&As. At times I record those sessions and publish them. Make sure to check this page where you'll find all scheduled Q&A sessions and instructions or links that allow you to join. You'll have to register to my smarterGerman learners forum but unlike FB, they don't mess around with your data and won't send you ads ever. It's free of charge of course.

Come as you Are

They are group meetings conducted in English so that even the bloodiest beginner could benefit from it. If you can't make it, you won't have to inform me. You just come and go whenever it suits you. You won't disturb anyone by doing so. You also don't have to ask any questions but could also just listen to what other learners are sharing or to whatever I will share in case there are no questions.

Have you participated in a Q&A yet?

If so, how was your experience? Would you recommend it to others?