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NOTICE: The story with 54 chapters that I talk about in the video is fully integrated in this course and you'll start working with it very soon.

Welcome to the smarterGerman German Online Course. You are about to start an exciting journey. My name is Michael and I'll be your companion throughout this course either in form of instructing you per video, answering to your comments or in my weekly Q&A sessions to which you are cordially invited.

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Please watch the quick introduction video above as it will save you a lot of frustration and time. If you want to get the utmost benefit out of this course, please make sure to watch the video on the next page in which I walk you through this course and explain how to use all additional tools. You can download that video and watch it in 5-10mins sessions over the next couple of days.

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Taking notes while watching any video in this course is a key factor of success. You won't have to review your notes ever. Selecting noteworthy information will do the job. So what were the key points of this video? Share it with us in the comments.