Want to enjoy your German learning more?

A personal message from Michael, the creator of sG

Dear German learner,
you have come here to work on one of the biggest challenges when learning German: the German articles. But this is just the very first step into a lighter and more enjoyable way of learning this lovely language. There are lots of new words to memorize, irregular verbs, seemingly complex grammar rules and plenty of exceptions they say. And how are you dealing with pronunciation, speaking practice in general and writing in German?

Don't worry. All these things are very easy to learn. All it takes is a bit of right effort and proper guidance from an experienced tutor. My Everyday German course not only covers every relevant topic to get to level B1, it also shows you how to get there in comfortable steps. It doesn't matter whether you are an absolute beginner or have already passed A1, A2 or even B1. Maybe you want to close some gaps.

Here's why my Everyday German course is a solid alternative to any course in a language school:

  1. FLEXIBILITY: It is more flexible as you can study at any time of the day and at any place you like. No commuting, no catching up when you miss a class due to illness or work or life demanding your attention.
  2. CLARITY OF INSTRUCTION: It explains everything in simple English. Nothings is more frustrating (and inefficient and ineffective) than trying to understand German grammar being explained in a language one doesn't fully understand yet.
  3. GREAT VALUE FOR A LOW PRICE: It is ridiculously cheap: Three levels (they are not available separately as my course works a bit differently) for just 429 USD (excl. VAT). At Volkshochschule you'd pay ~1300 USD for that. At Goethe ~6000 USD. But with smarterGerman you got no time limit. At those other institutions every extra month would cost you another 200 USD respectively 1000 USD. With smarterGerman you only pay 429 USD no matter how long it's going to take you to go through my course.
  4. LONG TERM BENEFITS: You'll get better at learning languages. The knowledge you gain from my courses will benefit you long beyond their duration. If you decide to continue with another course for B2, the techniques you'll learn in my Everyday German course will help you learn faster and more accurately.
  5. HUMAN SUPPORT: You'll get my team's and my support. We answer every comment within 48 hours (except on weekends) and even correct your writing practice within reason for free. That's a service that one day we might outsource but for now you get that as a free bonus service.
  6. ASSISTIVE TECH: You make best use of modern and free of cost technology. Instant feedback doesn't have to come from a costly tutor. There are wonderful tools out there like e.g. Amazon's Alexa which helped me remove the tutor from the learning process which makes the whole shabang a lot cheaper and more flexible and enjoyable.

There are many more reasons why learning with my Everyday German course is a very good alternative to offline classes at any language school or even a private tutor. I'll share some of those with you as we go.

Learn German lighter and with more joy today

If you decide to make the next logical step to a more enjoyable and more efficient German learning experience with smarterGerman I'll reward your courage with a 10% discount. Simply click this link:


You will still have 30 days to ask for a refund in case you find that my course doesn't suit your needs. A simple email to me suffices. You'd be happy to know that fewer than 2 out of 100 customers of smarterGerman ask for a refund. And most of them do so because their life's circumstances have changed unexpectedly.

So there is no risk, just joy.
I'd love to see your German thrive.

Take good care of yourself

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