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You are getting closer to the end of your preparation and to the oral part of the exam. By working your way through this course you have a solid base and a good chance to pass the exam. As you may know, we cooperate with experienced Conversation Trainers who will practice with you specifically the oral part of the B1 Exam. The training will be designed to practice the three parts of the exam with all the tricks you will learn in the following lessons. This will boost your confidence, give you constructive feedback and help you to assess whether you are ready to take the B1 Exam.

I recommend that you work with a professional tutor to prepare explicitly (!) for the oral exam. Especially the 2nd and 3rd task need to be practiced as much as possible and that's best done with someone who can give you professional and effective feedback in the sense of smarterGerman.

If you are interested in such a personal oral exam preparation training don't hesitate to contact Andrea from LivelyGerman (see photo above). I've worked with Andrea back in the days when I was still teaching and still recommend her to those who value quality work and an empathic trainer. She understands my philosophy and is familiar with my materials.

Andrea charges 25 EUR (all prices are incl. 19% VAT) for 30mins or 37,50 EUR for 45mins. If you work with her 2-3x per week for 45mins (recommended) for 6-8 weeks before your exam, you'd have to invest:

2x/w for 6 weeks: 450 EUR (or 300 EUR per month)
2x/w for 8 weeks: 600 EUR (or 300 EUR per month)
3x/w for 6 weeks: 675 EUR (or 450 EUR per month)
3x/w for 8 weeks: 900 EUR (or 450 EUR per month)

You might need less hours than this and you can trust Andrea not to sell you more hours than you need but rather cut things short like I would.

Contact Andrea here

If you are on a much tighter budget, you can take a look on italki. I can not recommend anyone specific there and the best I've heard of iTalki teachers was that they did the job which is acceptable. If you use the link below, you'll support sG as it is an affiliate link which grants me 10 EUR (or USD?) for every new customer that pays for lessons there. I'll put their money to good use ;) To illustrate my preference, I made Andrea's link a bit bigger. ^^

Check out iTalki here