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Individual Coaching

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If you have a clear target like e.g. getting to B1 in 3 months or you want to pass A1 Exam in one month, finally crack those 20% that are missing to perfection, or you’ve got a goal you haven't been able to reach with any other tutor or course so far, my individual coaching is the perfect way to go and it'll save you precious time and money.

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Interactive Exercises

Each course contains many interactive exercises, which help deepen your understanding of the vocabulary and German sentence structure. Receive instant feedback. No need to wait for a teacher to correct your homework.

Speaking Practice

This technique is about repeating very important information in an engaging and effective way. You’ll be able to intuitively use proper grammar and sentence structure without having to memorise a single grammar rule.

Easy Writing

You will be gently introduced into the art of writing and correcting your own texts effectively so you won’t need any outside help anymore using our Correction's Tool you can correct your own texts within seconds.

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Language is the ultimate way to connect with ourselves and others, SG wants to support you to connect through the process of learning German.

We at SG believe that there are better ways to learn German than what's currently out there. We aim to make your learning joyful, gentle, efficient and affordable.

Which is why our business model is based on making German learning affordable for those who can't pay a large amount, and give the option to contribute with a bigger amount to those who can pay a bit more. This way, people with a stronger economical stability will support those who don't have one yet and therefore keep this company running.

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